When and How Often to Shock Your Pool

Shocking your pool is crucial for killing contaminants such as algae, chloramines, pathogens, and harmful bacteria. However, many people often wonder when to shock their pools. In this article, you will learn how often to shock your pool.

When and How Often to Shock Your Pool

So when should you shock your pool?
The actual answer to when you should shock your pool is once per week, depending on how you use the pool and the water clarity. If not weekly, then ensure you shock it after every two weeks.

Regular shocking is crucial since it maintains the water chemistry. Ensure you use the right amount of chemicals to keep the pool well-maintained.

Sometimes, you may not have to follow a strict schedule of shocking your pool weekly. Here are a few more times to shock your pool.

After Cleaning the Pool
The most suitable time of the day to shock your pool is after cleaning it. This is after removing all dirt and debris and leaving the water clear.

Shock the pool later in the evening when the sun goes down. If you do it during the day when the sun is hot, the chemicals will dissolve in the water quickly before it oxidizes.

During Spring Season
As you prepare to open up the pool in spring, you will encounter algae that may develop quickly within a short while. If you leave it longer, it will continue to grow and spread across the pool. This is the best time to shock the pool to kill the algae. It minimizes the hustle and time you spend cleaning the pool.

After Heavy Rains
Heavy rain falls into the pool water, dragging algae spores, dust, and pollen into the water. The water begins to contaminate and discolor, leading to increased chloramines. Shocking the water is crucial at this time. The chemicals will kill the particles, keeping the pool safe and clean.

After Heavy Use
When many people use the pool, it attracts more bacteria, and this can affect chlorine levels. This will make the pool dirty and unsafe for other swimmers. Therefore, shock the pool after heavy use to bring it back to the right PH levels.

The Bottom Line
Shocking your pool is an effective way to keep it clean, safe and well-maintained. Following the guide above will help you know the right time to shock your pool. Get in touch with us about all your pool issues, and we will keep it free from contaminants in all seasons.