What Is Pool Coping And Why You Need It

You might not know what coping is, but it’s an important part of your inground pool.  It keeps your pool clean and makes it safer for swimmers.  If you have an inground pool, here are the basics you need to know about pool coping:

What Is Pool Coping And Why You Need It

What is pool coping? 

If you have ever looked at the edge of an inground pool, you might notice stone or tile at the edge of the pool that hangs slightly over the pool wall.  This stone or tile is known as pool coping. It is a protective cap at the top of the pool that protects the pool wall from the elements.

Why is it important? 

While coping can serve as a decoration, it has more important structural uses.  It covers the concrete beams that are used to support the side walls on a pool.  It also is slanted away from the pool.  This keeps water from entering the pool shell and helps keep out debris like dirt, grass, or leaves.

Coping also serves as a safety feature for swimmers.  It provides a stable surface for swimmers to walk when entering or exiting the pool.  In addition, it provides a surface for swimmers to grab onto when they are ready to exit the pool or need a quick break from swimming.

Do I need to replace it?

In some cases, you may want to replace your coping.  You may be looking for a new decorative finish for your pool.  Replacing it is one way to change the look of your pool without changing all the finishes in or around your pool.

If your coping is damaged, you may also need to replace it.  Because it makes the pool safer for swimmers and keeps the pool clean and structurally sound, you need to replace any damaged sections as soon as possible.

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If your coping is damaged or you are looking for a new finish for your inground pool, contact us today!  We are happy to discuss your options for repairing or replacing your pool coping.