What Can You Do With a Pergola?

A pergola is a wooden archway with well-spaced slats across the top. Many of these structures cover decks or patios. They’ve become increasingly popular across the United States. Owners can find several different ways to use pergolas:

What Can You Do With a Pergola?


It’s possible to hang a hammock or porch swing from this structure. This creates an appealing, partially sheltered place for outdoor relaxation. Porch swings are fairly heavy, so it’s important to use a heavy-duty chain.

Lanterns, Lights

Lighting can give your pergola a more festive appearance and enable you to use it at night. Colorful hanging lanterns or outdoor holiday lights represent attractive yet convenient options. Consider using a solar panel to banish extension cords and enhance safety.

Growing Vines

You can grow vines up the posts and over the top with the right techniques. This creates shade and might also provide you with some sort of harvest. Think about growing grapes, sweet peas, bougainvillea or cape honeysuckle.

Tall Curtains

You could make your pergola more private and deter insects by adding curtains to its sides. This will also shield you from bright sunlight. You’ll need to use curtains and rods that were specifically designed for outdoor purposes.

Add a Roof

Although it reduces ventilation and sun exposure, a solid roof can make this structure more versatile. You could use translucent or opaque materials to keep the interior dry. The possibilities include wood, vinyl, metal or fiberglass.

Hanging Plants

Potted flowers could enhance your pergola’s look and create a pleasant miniature garden. You can install hooks on the wooden slats and hang plants from them. If you haven’t covered the roof, these flowers will benefit from moderate amounts of sunlight and rain.

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