Spray Deck & Coping: The Basics

Completing your pool installation often involves the application of spray decking or coping around the concrete edge of the pool. This may be for functional or aesthetic purposes, but it is vital for the success of your pool experience in either case.

Spray Deck & Coping: The Basics

What is Spray Decking?

Spray decking is a concrete treatment that seals your concrete and creates a new surface texture. As the pool deck will invariably get wet upon use, the spray decking offers protection against cracking, mildew, and other damage caused by outside elements.

The options and durability of spray decking make it appealing to many pool owners. It is available in multiple colors and textures (non-skid), and it can be sprayed over an area that includes seating areas. Essentially, it creates a “deck” in the color of your choosing and provides texture that makes it easy to walk barefoot around the pool no matter how hot it gets outside.

Many people opt for spray decking over other pool deck options (wood, stone) because of low maintenance and durability. When it is time (every 1-5 years), the spray decking can be easily resealed, and the color can be changed if desired. Additionally, it is easy to repair, unlike stone or wood options that may require matching materials and/or replacement.

What is Pool Coping?

Pool coping refers to the protective cap that may be installed around the pool’s upper edge. This is often the round ledge around your pool that makes it easy to enter and exit the water without getting scraped by sharp edges. It can also be a primarily decorative edge, as there are many options available to meet the preferences of the owner.

In many cases, the coping is installed along with spray decking for an overall pristine and finished appearance. Talk to your pool expert at Carroll Pools to find out what options are available for your pool design, and enjoy the surface surrounding your pool as much as the water in it!