Extra Concrete

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Want extra concrete to support lounge chairs or a set of patio furniture, or just a walkway from the house to the pool? We’ve got you covered!



Every pool installed by Carroll Pools comes with a border of concrete that is 3 feet wide and follows the outline of the pool.

Most customers want more concrete than that for things such as an area for lounge chairs, or a walkway from the house to the pool.

As an example, an area for lounge chairs might be about 6 feet by 15 feet (90 square feet), and a walkway between the house and the pool might be 5 feet wide and run 10 feet to the existing concrete border of the pool (50 square feet)… so an extra 140 square feet (or more) of concrete is a common add-on to your luxury pool experience.

The choice is always up to you… you can stay with an unobtrusive border around the pool, or create a large concrete area surrounding the entire pool to accommodate lounge chairs, fire pits, patio furniture, a water slide, and a large barbecue grill.