Play/Volleyball Model Pools

One of our most popular types of pools is the play/volleyball models. These pools are perfect for playing games, such as volleyball or basketball, while still being ideal for all sorts of water activities like swimming, floating, and just relaxing. We have three kinds of play/volleyball pools, including the Chesapeake, Delray, and Montego.

Play/Volleyball Model Pools


The Chesapeake model pool measures 12 by 31 feet, with plenty of room for whatever water activities you have in mind. With a depth ranging from 3’7” to 5′, this pool allows most swimmers to stand on the ground, making it perfect for water sports like volleyball and basketball. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to divide the pool into halves, and the symmetrical, semi-circle staircases mean both sides of the pool are equal when split in half. This model can be upgraded with poolside waterfalls or sunshades.


The Delray is a smaller model, coming in at 11’10” by 25’5”. It is completely rectangular, perfect for volleyball and basketball in the pool. With an even depth of 4′, it provides a perfect surface for water activities that require lots of standing. The corner staircase provides an easy and effective way to enter the pool without sacrificing the perfectly rectangular shape. This is the perfect pool for those with a smaller yard.


The Montego is basically a larger Chesapeake. Very similar in shape, it comes in at a whopping 14′ by 35′, giving you even more room for games all summer long. It also features depths up to 5’7”, giving you more room for jumping and swimming under the water. If you want to maximize your play pool experience, The Montego is the pool for you.


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