Pergolas Vs. Arbors: Is There a Difference?

The words pergolas and arbor are sometimes used interchangeably to describe two similar structures. While they are both eye-catching outdoor structures with similar designs and uses, they have their differences. If you are either planning to invest in one, or exploring their different designs and purposes, this article will provide the pertinent information. But first…

Pergolas Vs. Arbors: Is There a Difference?

Their differences

An arbor is a structure that comes with two or four posts and a slatted roof. It is free-standing and mostly serves as an entrance to the garden or yard. It can also function as a small shelter or seating area, often accessorized with climbing and overhead plants. A pergola, on the other hand, is larger than an arbor and can be attached to the home from one side. It can also be free-standing or made up of independent columns supporting beams that create an open roof.

The benefits

Most homeowners invest in pergolas and arbors because they enhance the beauty of their backyards. While this is true, they also come with some practical benefits which include the following:

  1. They shield you from wind and rain, and they also protect your outdoor furniture from adverse weather effects. You may be concerned that a pergola or arbor with a slatted roof will not protect you from heavy rain, but all you need to address this concern is add an all-weather fabric to the roof.
  2. They support climbing plants. These plants weave in and out of these structures, creating a beautiful framing. You can also use pergolas and arbors to display hanging plants like geraniums, petunias, and fuchsia.
  3. They increase your home’s value and help you sell your home faster in a highly competitive market. The best course of action for this is to invest in a pergola or arbor several years before you plan to move out. By the time you are selling your home, your pergola or arbor will look its best.

Pergolas and arbors are both beautiful and similar in functionality. Whichever you pick depends on your preference. Are you looking to have an arbor built in your yard? For more information and expert tips contact us and we will help you get started.