How Your Pool Builder Can Create a Stress Reducing Oasis

Full-service pool companies like Carroll Pools do far more than install pools. Experienced swimming pool contractors know how to create a backyard oasis that’s perfect for year-round relaxing. Your backyard oasis can be a calming refuge from a stressful world because Carroll Pools can create it with the following features.

How Your Pool Builder Can Create a Stress Reducing Oasis

A Custom Pool for Exercise and Enjoyment

Having a swimming pool at home can provide stress relief in several ways. Swimming is an aerobic exercise that increases the brain’s level of feel-good chemicals called neurotransmitters. You’re more likely to swim when you have a custom pool conveniently located in your backyard. Most of all, the fun and pleasure that comes with swimming melts away tension.

A Backyard Spa for Effortless Relaxation

However, swimming isn’t the only way to get stress relief from spending time in water. Soaking in a backyard spa is an effortless way to relax. Poor sleep contributes to stress. Research suggests you may improve sleep by raising your body temperature in the evening with a passive method like a spa. Your pool builder can attach a spa to your custom pool or build a freestanding spa.

A Pergola for Spending Time Outdoors

Many scientific studies have reported spending time outdoors may lower stress levels. Although the health benefits of outdoor living are great, Americans usually spend most of their time indoors. It would be unfortunate for homeowners who have the advantage of living in our moderate Texas climate to most of their free time in the house. Having your pool builder install a pergola in the yard gives you a shady place to hang out when you’re not in your pool or spa.

Is it time to build the backyard oasis of your dreams? Pools, spas, and pergolas are just a sample what Carroll Pools offers. Contact us to learn more.