How French Drains Can Help Protect Your Pool

When building a pool for your home there are many factors to consider in the overall planning and construction. One factor you do not want to overlook is creating a drainage system to handle the water that may overflow from or collect around your pool.

How French Drains Can Help Protect Your Pool

The Problem with Poor Drainage

Every pool requires care and maintenance to keep it clean, sanitary, and structurally sound. Without proper drainage surrounding your pool yard runoff can introduce contaminants such as soil, fertilizer, mulch, and other yard debris into your water. Such contaminants can lead to poor chemical balance, algae growth, cloudy water and even mud or silt buildup.

Poor drainage can also impact your surrounding deck, concrete, and even the structural integrity of the pool itself. Pool equipment is also at risk of damage if the water levels are too high. French drains paired with the correct land grading can help alleviate a lot of these issues.

What are French Drains and How Can They Help?

French drains consist of a series of underground perforated pipes surrounded by a bed of gravel. The way French drains work is that as water begins to collect and pool, it sinks to the bottom of the trenches of gravel and then rises into the holes in the pipes. As the pipes fill, the water flows to a designated drainage area. The gravel beds can be left as is or covered in sod to suit your aesthetic needs.

Why Carroll Pools is Different

Since 1971 Carroll Pools has provided dependable and prompt service to our customers in Dallas, TX and surrounding cities. When it comes to drainage, we take the necessary steps to ensure the longevity of your pool. Some companies will overlook this important step, especially with fiberglass pools, but we include this service at no extra charge. We also partner with a foundation repair company to tackle any additional soil and drainage issues.

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