French Drains and Drainage Control

To protect your pool and its warranties, it’s important to control the water surrounding it.

We can install French Drains (under ground ditch with rock and pipe) to carry the water away from you pool area. The rock is left exposed on top until grass grows over or its sodded in from the very beginning.

It’s important that a pool company correctly controls the water away from your pool with the ground sloping away from the deck. This minimizes the chance of excessive water getting to pool and causing problems. (Positive Grade)

This drainage control is but another quality step we take compared to many company’s we see.

We even install a French Drain under our Fiberglass Pool to provide our customers the opportunity to pump water out from under our pools. We don’t charge extra for this and some companies completely leave this out on fiberglass pools.

We are more qualified for this detail because we also have a Foundation Repair Company that deals with soil issues.

An alternative to the French Drain is the Swale. It’s simply a shallow ditch that carry’s the water away.

We always recommend keeping soil around the pool properly maintained by watering so as not the allow soil to shrink and settle. This may cause the concrete deck to settle which is not covered under warranties by pool companies. It’s also recommended to ask for and have installed deck concrete piers to reduce settlement (not warranted).