Four Advantages of Having a Rectangular Pool

Every homeowner wants a pool that will enhance the beauty and refinement of their property, and a rectangular pool accomplishes this goal. For decades, they have been a timeless form that appeals to all property owners, and the trend is unlikely to change very soon. Here are a few reasons why rectangular pools remain the most popular pool shape.

Four Advantages of Having a Rectangular Pool

1. They’re Ideal for Swimming Laps.

Even the Olympic swimming pools are rectangular in design, demonstrating the sport’s universal appeal. They are often chosen over other swimming pools due to their wide-open swim lanes and enough swimming area. You get an uninterrupted length of water, which is ideal for lap swimming.

Keeping fit is one of the reasons you’re building or have already built a swimming pool at your house. A rectangular pool enables you to swim laps in the quiet of your own home, therefore enhancing your overall health. Swimming is an excellent workout for maintaining a healthy and fit physique. Because the water supports your body weight, swimming is a low-impact and low-pressure joint workout.

2. Accessorizing Is Simple.

Purchasing a pool implies that you also need to purchase a pool cover. While freeform pools look fantastic, unlike rectangular pools, they are more difficult to cover. Rectangular pool covers are simple to install and also extremely customizable. Pool covers assist in keeping the pool clean and safe, and if you want to install one, it is recommended that you do so, on a rectangular pool.

3. They’re easy to clean.

Regular pool cleaning and upkeep are required, and rectangular pools are likely the simplest to clean with relatively smooth edges that are less prone to capture and entrap debris and grime. Cleaning this kind of pool becomes pretty simple.

4. They are simpler (and less expensive) to install.

Regardless of the material used to construct your pool, from vinyl to gunite to fiberglass, rectangular pools are simple to build. The installation procedure is rather straightforward, which saves you both time and money.

There is no doubt that the rectangular pool is the most popular. If this seems the appropriate shape for your swimming pool, you may contact us at Carroll Pools for further information about this construction project.