Five Good Reasons to Have Your Own Swimming Pool

This is one of the hottest summers on record in Texas and the Southwest! While public park pools, and beaches have reopened in most areas, it is easier to cool off in your own swimming pool. This is the place for safe family fun anytime.

Here are five good reasons to install an inground pool in your backyard.

Five Good Reasons to Have Your Own Swimming Pool

1. Home Value Increases

The addition of a swimming pool adds value to your home. The pool can increase your property’s value by 15% in today’s market. It is an investment that will attract more buyers if and when you sell your home.

2. Family Health

Although health club pools, public park pools, and beaches are now open, your own pool is the best way to avoid the spread of diseases. This includes COVID-19 and other diseases that can be transmitted by strangers. You know who uses your pool. You know their health issues and if they have been vaccinated.

3. Great Exercise

Swimming is one of the best exercises for most people. You can swim laps and do water exercises whenever it is convenient for you and your family. You can use your pool most of the year in Texas. It can be heated for use even during the winter.

4. The Stay-cation

Forget about summer crowds at lakes and the seashore. You can add a hot-tub spa, an outdoor cooking area, arbor, and attractive landscaping for your own private resort.

5.  Easy Maintenance

Fiberglass pool maintenance is easy with modern cleaning devices. This includes automatic vacuums and even robotic devices. You can take care of the pool yourself or hire a pool maintenance company if necessary.

There are many fiberglass pool designs and landscaping options to fit any size yard and budget. We install the best fiberglass free form, rectangular, and kidney-shaped pools, decking, and other features to complete your yard.

Contact us today at Carroll Pools for a custom swimming pool that will add beauty and value to your home. We will discuss easy financing, and you will see how a pool will pay for itself over time. Your family will love this addition for many years.