Enjoy Volleyball in Your Fiberglass Pool

Pools are for swimming and having fun in the sun. Playing volleyball in the pool is a popular pastime for families and friends. Special fiberglass pools make it easy for teams of kids and adults to enjoy this sport.

Enjoy Volleyball in Your Fiberglass Pool

Pool Design

A pool that is designed for volleyball can be at an even depth throughout the pool to make moving around easier for players. Or, it can be deeper in the center section. While all shapes can be used, the rectangular pool is considered best for the sport. The shape is also perfect for swimming laps.

Carroll Pools features the Delray model that is four-feet deep in all parts of the pool. This pool is 25′ 11″ long and 10′ wide. The perfect rectangle can have the addition of steps in one corner for easy access.

The Chesapeake model is 12’X31′ with a depth that ranges from 3’7″ to five feet.  The deep part of the pool is in the middle where the net would be located. This gives children and shorter people an opportunity to enjoy the game at each end along with taller people closer to the net.  Half-circle steps at each end give this pool an added design feature.

The Montego design is perfect for the larger backyard. The 14’X35′ pool ranges from 3’7″ in depth at the ends to 5’7″ in the center. The half-circle steps at each end features easy entry into the pool.

Backyard Resort

A waterslide, waterfall, or other features can be added to the pools for a backyard resort. A spa tub is another popular option. The decking and landscaping finish the pool area.

Carroll Pools will install fiberglass pools, water element accessories, and take care of your decking and fencing. Contact us for more information to turn your backyard into a resort for the entire family,