Drainage Systems to Improve the Drainage Around Your Swimming Pool

Poor drainage is the most annoying problem that you can have with your swimming pool. During the construction process of a pool, it is important to extensively assess the ground’s grade and confirm the level of your pool. This makes it possible for your pool and the surrounding areas to remain clean.

Proper drainage around your swimming pool prevents any foreign particles from entering your pool and provides a suitable place for water not intended for the pool to drain into.

Proper planning helps in avoiding any possible disasters. The process while installing a new pool or a new deck involves accurate grading, retaining walls, and installing drains.

There are different types of deck drainage systems that you can install to improve drainage around your swimming pool, including;Drainage Systems to Improve the Drainage Around Your Swimming Pool


French Drains

French drains are pits with a drain pipe at the bottom covered with gravel. When your pool deck ends in landscaping, and the water volume drained into the yard is excessive, you can install a French drain to drain the water. The drain fits well with the natural landscaping around your pool.

Strip Drains

Strip drains cover a trench-like structure where the water drains into and flows away. If your patio runs up against structures, you can use strip drains to direct excess water to the central point instead of against the structures in your compound.

Spot Drains

If you do not have space to install a strip drain, you can use spot drains to drain the excess water around your swimming pool. They perform the same roles as strip drains, but they are connected in a circular shape using pipes. You can place them on the area of your pool deck, where the excess water collects naturally.

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