Control Your Pool From Your Smartphone

Nowadays, people are automating everything in their homes, from lights and air conditioners to kitchen gadgets and even gym equipment. Smart homes are great because they allow you to do everything you need to do in your home without interruption. Your smart home is hooked up to your smartphone which allows you to make whatever changes you need to your home from your smartphone itself.

Control Pool Lights, Chemicals, Pump and Temperature From Your Smartphone

Maintaining Your Pool With the Pentair App

You can now have your pool automated with the Pentair app. This will allow you to control your pool’s functioning from your smartphone. But you might be wondering exactly what kind of automation is required for your pool. Most people have this idea that a pool just needs to be installed. They don’t realize that it also requires to be maintained on a day-to-day basis.

Pool Control Options in the Pentair App

A pool can’t be allowed to grow stagnant, and the chemical levels in the water also have to be maintained. Formerly, this all needed to be done manually, but now, it can be done with the help of your smartphone. The Pentair app allows you to manage several pool-related issues from your phone.

  • Lights: Your pool may have several different lighting options such as “Caribbean,” “romance,” “sunset,” “party mode” etc. You can choose the mode you want with the touch of a button from your Pentair app.
  • Chemicals: You can also control your chlorine levels from your app. The chlorine levels help to keep the pool water clean and safe by killing algae and bacteria as well as oxidizing dirt. You can discuss the ideal chlorine level with your pool installation company and set up your pool to have a certain chlorine level. But, if needed, you can also change this chlorine level with the help of the app on your smartphone.
  • Pump: Remember that your pool has a pump which needs to run for a certain period of time everyday. This will keep the water moving and prevent it from becoming stagnant. Although your pump will be set up to run at certain times and shut down at certain times, you can also change the pump settings via your smartphone when you have the Pentair app.
  • Temperature: If you have a pool or a spa with a heater, the temperature can also be changed using your app. This will give you a greater degree of convenience when it comes to pool usage.

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