Bubbler Water Features for Perfect Pool Design

Bubbler Water Features for Perfect Pool Design

May 20, 2021

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience in your swimming pool design, you should consider having one or more pool bubblers. As the name suggests, the pool bubbler forces water to “bubble” above the water’s surface. Depending on the force with which this happens, the bubbler may mimic a fountain or the peaceful turbulence of a babbling brook. The visual and audible sensations a pool bubbler creates exude luxury but also the peaceful ambiance of nature.


Bubblers take your pool and spa experience to a whole new level.

What is a Pool Bubbler?

A pool bubbler is generally included in the original design of your pool. That is because there are pipes and electrical components that should be installed within the pool’s shelf. The bubbler itself is a ring that directs water flow upward. It is controlled by diverter valves which can be adjusted to control the flow and height of the bubbling water. Many pool bubblers have lights surrounding them to enhance the effect. Pool bubblers must be installed in shallow water and are often placed on tanning ledges or Baja shelves.

Benefits of a Pool Bubbler

Many of the benefits of a pool bubbler are aesthetic, but they can also increase the functionality of your pool by keeping water moving. The benefits of a pool bubbler include:

  • Cooling effect: Moving water is cool water, and this is because of the aeration effect. As bubbling water is aerated by being lifted into the air, oxygen cools the droplets as they fall back to the pool.
  • Beauty: One of the biggest reasons people install pool bubblers is visual pleasure. They add beauty to the pool whether you are swimming or simply enjoying a poolside drink.
  • Stress Relief: Pool bubblers create the sounds of moving water, which can relieve stress. This is why you might see indoor waterfalls in wellness centers where meditation or acupuncture is performed. With a pool bubbler, you can create a peaceful getaway in the comfort of your home.
  • Entertainment: Lastly, pool bubblers are fun, especially if there are kids involved. Adults and children alike enjoy letting the bubbling water hit their feet or running their hands through the stream of water.

Design Your Pool Perfectly with Pool Bubblers

When you consider the cost of pool bubblers, which is minimal if done with the original pool design, it is a no-brainer to get them installed. They add so much luxury to the pool that the benefits greatly outweigh the cost. If you already have a pool and wish you had a pool bubbler, the expense can be a deterrent. If it is, consider alternative options such as floating fountains or poolside water features. Pool bubblers are the optimal scenario, but there are other options.

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