Awesome Additions To Your Fiberglass Pool

If you have decided to move forward with getting a fiberglass pool installed in your backyard, you have made an excellent decision! This will provide hours of fun for your family and friends and give you an outdoor oasis in your very own backyard. However, deciding to get a fiberglass pool installed is just the beginning. You also have to determine all of the other additions and features you would like to go along with your pool. Here are some awesome additions that you should consider.

Awesome Additions To Your Fiberglass Pool

Tanning Ledges

If you or anyone who uses your pool has an interest in laying out or lounging around the pool, then a tanning ledge may be a good addition for you. These tanning ledges can also have a shallow pool built into them for small children to safely play in, with adult supervision. The size and shape of the tanning ledge is up to you, so you can create exactly what works for your needs.

Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls are great for kids and adults alike. They rock waterfall itself is beautiful and made to look very natural and earthy. The waterfall is also a source of fun because kids and adults can swim behind the waterfall and enjoy relaxing and playing in the cave area behind it.


Another excellent addition is a stream. Streams are lines of water that shoot into your main pool area from either side of your pool. One reason why streams are so amazing is because they create a very tranquil sound and feeling when you are inside or even near your pool. This is very peaceful if you are floating in your pool, or even laying out. On the other hand, kids will also have a lot of fun with these streams because they view them as a fun waterpark addition to the pool.

If you are looking into creating the perfect pool, with all of the additions that you need, you should definitely contact us at Carroll Pools.