4 Reasons Why You Need a Pool With a Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a built on the side or middle of your pool. It is always a few inches or a foot below the water surface. You get to sit in a pool without completely submerging yourself. Depending on your region, a tanning ledge is also referred to as a Baja step, lounge ledge, or sun shelf. Here are some of the reasons you should consider having a tanning ledge:

 4 Reasons Why You Need a Pool With a Tanning Ledge

A Perfect Place to Relax

Often, you want to refresh without diving ‘all in’ into the water. You want to cool off without getting cold or soaked. In a tanning ledge, you can sit partially immersed in the water and relax. It is a pleasant place to chat with friends while cooling off. You can always add an umbrella to keep out the sun.

It Is a Decoration for Your Pool

A ledge allows you to add decorative elements to your pool making it more attractive. You have a wide range of designs, stones, and tiles to choose from to make your pool unique. Equally, decorate it with mosaic or design it to look like a small grotto.

You Can Use It to Play with Children

Keeping children safe is always the top priority of any parent. Since the water is just a few inches deep, ledges provide an opportunity for your children to swim and play in the water at a comfortable depth. Ensure you choose non-slip material while designing your Baja step for added safety.

They Offer a Great Place for Pets to Cool

During summer, your dog may want to swim in the pool. A ledge provides a safe spot to cool off instead of donning them with life jackets. Your pet can always sit in the ledge when they finish swimming.

Customize or Add a Tanning Ledge Today

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