3 Super Easy Swimming Pool Landscaping Tips

Whether you are installing a brand new pool and need to have it landscaped, or you are looking to spruce up the landscaping around your current pool, there are so many awesome things that you can do. While you of course have the option to go big and make changes, there are also simple and affordable things that you can do all on your own that will still make a huge difference. Here are 3 super easy swimming pool landscaping tips.

3 Super Easy Swimming Pool Landscaping Tips

String Some Lights 

One awesome way to customize and bring life to the landscape design around your pool is to string some lights. You can use simple Christmas lights and easily string them from trees or structures that are near your pool. These lights are much more energy efficient than larger lights, thus saving you a great deal of money. The lights look amazing for night swims and can essentially cost you nothing if you already have clear Christmas lights on hand.

Add A Location For Fire 

Whether it be a fire pit, bowl, or fireplace, having an area to contain fire near your pool is an excellent addition to your landscape design. These fires are perfect for creating more light at night and they are excellent for cooking foods like s’mores and hot dogs. Most can also be ordered pre-made, so all you have to worry about is setting it up in a location that works for you.

Incorporate Rock Features 

When it comes to personalizing your landscape design, it is hard to beat rock features. Rocks have such a natural and unique beauty, and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. You also have the option of getting statues made from rocks, rock water features, and more.

Beautify With Plants

Plants do an amazing job of beautifying any area and they can really add a lot of color and personalization into your pool landscape design. You can place plants in planters around your pool, as well as in the ground, depending on what kinds of plants you would like. Planting these plants is also an easy task that doesn’t take long and doesn’t require any extra assistance.

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